Founded in 2003 and proudly based in Portage Ohio & Toronto,Canada, RJLMedia is a fast-growing full-service Digital Marketing agency. At RJLMedia our primary focus is helping small to medium-size companies support their marketing objectives, and increase their revenue. Our service includes Social Media Marketing, and comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategies along with promotions via electronic mail services.


Fill your sales funnel and generate more revenue through your website by advertising your business with us. From lead to satisfied client.

PPC Online Advertising

Fully integrated PPC advertising, offering you a holistic approach, and monitored funnel, to ensure the entire process is working together.

Measurable ROI

Advertising with RJL is fully transparent, with full access to all metrics and reports to ensure you are getting set up for an ROI on your ad spend.

Fully Managed

We will set up, test, and scale your advertising so that you can continue to reap the benefits of getting your message in front of the right customers.

Generate More Traffic And More Business

Stop wasting good money throwing ad spend at your current website if it isn’t converting!

Some business owners simply spend on advertising to bring in more website traffic but our focus will not only become the traffic but how it can convert in to more clients. We will be happy to create ad campaigns that help with conversions

We know our work is designed with conversion in mind. We offer a great approach, and monitor and refine every step of the process, from ad click, to final conversion, and what happens at every step in between.




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